Each piece is crafted by hand, from throwing to painting, it is a process which can take days, if not weeks. Thrown on the wheel by either myself or my Grandmother, a rough shape is formed. It is then left to dry to 'leather hard' and put back onto the wheel to smoothen and define the shape. We then biscuit fire it.
This is where the illustrative design process starts. Abstracted from reportage drawings, while some pieces may originate from the same drawing, different elements/angles are extracted to change the composition, creating unique and individual outcomes. I design and decide these as I paint, allowing freedom to experiment and explore to fit the silhouette of the pot.
Finally, they are dipped or painted in a clear glaze and placed into the kiln for a second firing which takes around 24- 36 hours.

All the pieces are either stoneware or porcelain; high fired pottery. They both dinnerware and dishwasher safe, but as with all handcrafted items a little more care and consideration when handling is recommended. Personally I choose to wash the pottery alternating between the dishwasher and washing by hand.
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